What Our Customers Are Saying


What Our Customers Are Saying

When it comes to high-quality honey, Artisan Bees Honey stands out from the crowd.

With our commitment to sustainable beekeeping practices and artisanal production methods, we have won the hearts and taste buds of our customers. Let's take a closer look at what customers are saying about Artisan Bees Honey's delicious offerings, including their raw and creamed honey. Order raw honey and creamed honey online today.

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Raw Honey

The Pure Delight of Raw Honey

Artisan Bees Honey's raw honey is a fan favorite among customers who appreciate its unfiltered, unpasteurized, and unprocessed nature. Customers rave about the unparalleled flavor, aroma, and texture of this golden delight. Many comment on the unique floral notes and the complexity of flavors that vary based on the seasons and the location of the hives. The richness and authenticity of Artisan Bees Honey's raw honey make it a versatile ingredient for cooking and baking or simply spreading on toast.

One satisfied customer, Heater T, shares, "I bought the original honey as well as the chocolate creamed honey and they were both amazing. They’re both so creamy and the chocolate creamed honey is perfectly blended. Highly recommend!"

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All Natural & Organic Ingredients

You deserve the best, which is why everything you’ll find in our products is all natural and organic.

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creamed honey

Creamed Honey: A Decadent Delicacy

Artisan Bees Honey's creamed honey takes honey enjoyment to another level with its luxurious and creamy texture. By gently crystallizing the raw honey, it acquires a smooth consistency that spreads like butter. This unique form of honey has an avid fan base who can't get enough of its velvety texture and delightful sweetness.

Customer testimonials for Artisan Bees Honey's creamed honey are overflowing with praise. Deann R, a loyal customer, shares, "I bought 2 jars of honey 🍯 OMG! Y’all need to try them out. Even my picky husband thought it was thee BEST!! The creamed honey is to die for! I never in my life had delicious honey like this. I’ll be ordering more."

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The Buzz about Sustainable Beekeeping

Artisan Bees Honey's commitment to sustainable beekeeping is another aspect that resonates with customers. Our bee company focuses on tending to the well-being of our bees through holistic and environmentally friendly practices. Customers appreciate knowing that their honey is sourced ethically and with utmost care for the bees and their habitat. This dedication to sustainable beekeeping adds a deeper layer of trust and respect for Artisan Bees Honey.


A Rich Legacy of Family Ownership

Artisan Bees Honey's legacy is rooted in family values and a passion for beekeeping that spans five generations. The knowledge and expertise passed down through the family have shaped our unwavering commitment to superior quality and customer satisfaction. Each jar of Artisan Bees Honey carries with it the history and dedication of the family, ensuring that every customer receives a product steeped in tradition, care, and authenticity.

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All-Natural Goodness, Straight from Nature

Artisan Bees Honey's emphasis on using all-natural and organic ingredients is at the core of our philosophy. We understand that Mother Nature provides the best resources, and our honey bee company strives to maintain the purity and integrity of our honey. By allowing our bees to forage in natural and diverse environments, the honey produced is a true reflection of the surrounding flora, resulting in unique and vibrant flavors.


Artisan Bees Honey receives glowing reviews from customers for our exceptional raw and creamed honey. The natural, unprocessed flavors and textures of their raw honey along with the luxurious and smooth consistency of their creamed honey have won the hearts of many. Add to that our commitment to sustainable beekeeping, and it's no wonder customers can't get enough of Artisan Bees Honey's delightful offerings. Order online today!

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